The Passion of Sound



There's something that I want to both share with you and think out loud if I may.  I just watched a lecture that Rupert Neve presented to CRAS is 2001 which was about 2 hours long.  What I learned inspired me in a way that I didn't expect.  


In the beginning, I liked the idea of being a voiceover artist and I had fun experimenting.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that because it's part of the creative process.  However, I didn't really know why I liked audio so much.  Before, it was a mindset of who can I sound like or can I sound this way or that, etc.  


Now, it's a much deeper bond and appreciation for sound.  I want to discover my own point of reference for what sound is; to then discover how to listen to that sound, and then share that experience with my audience through voice.  By sharing this process, I am an artist of audio.  


I've spent weeks and weeks researching different equipment to be able to help me with this process in the way of microphones, audio interfaces, etc.  The brilliant thing about sound is that it's yours.  It's mine.  It's our sonic fingerprint.  What works for me equipment wise may be totally different than what works for you because your point of reference is different.  That's not a bad thing at all.  


There is a quote from the lecture that stuck with me… as Rupert Neve stated, “You must know what you want to do with the sound and then adapt the equipment to it.”  You have infinite possibilities with how to make the sound yours.  We have 10 trillion synapses in our brain; connections that are made from the information we receive.  Sound is known to produce certain beta waves that relax us.  That's why we have an emotional connection to music, for instance.  


Each day as I learn more on this journey, I have more appreciation for audio and respect it as well.  It's a powerful force. What I have realized and know true to my heart, is I have a passion for sound that is only going to grow.  I have something to share but I must learn how to cultivate that through the gift I have as an artist.  


Thank you for experiencing this amazing journey with me.  It's changing me in a positive way and I hope it does for you as well.  


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