Work in Progress

close up of an audio mixer

This blog is a work in progress and developed by myself, Levi Perry.  I want to have a place where I can share my journey about voiceover and my passion for audio.  Here’s what you can expect over the coming months. These are subject to change, so they aren’t set in stone.

In-Depth Audio Topics


* Definition and importance of acoustics
* Properties of sound waves (amplitude, frequency, wavelength)
* How sound travels and interacts with different materials (absorption, reflection, refraction)
* Different types of acoustic environments (rooms, studios, concert halls)
* Acoustic measurement and analysis techniques
* Noise control and soundproofing principles
* Applications of acoustics in various fields (architecture, engineering, music production)
* Interactive tools: Acoustic calculators, sound propagation simulations
* Related topics: Audio engineering, psychoacoustics, architectural acoustics

Sound Engineering

* Definition and roles of a sound engineer
* The signal chain: microphones, preamps, audio interfaces, mixers, processors, amplifiers, speakers
* Recording techniques for different instruments and vocals (miking techniques, placement, room acoustics)
* Mixing techniques: balancing levels, panning, EQ, compression, effects
* Mastering techniques: loudness normalization, equalization, limiting, dithering
* Live sound reinforcement: sound system setup, mixing for live performances
* Audio for film and video games: creating soundtracks, sound design, foley
* Broadcast audio: recording and mixing for radio and television
* Career paths in sound engineering
* Downloadable resources: EQ cheat sheets, mixing templates, microphone comparison charts
* Related topics: Audio production, music theory, audio equipment

Music Theory

* Basic music notation: notes, staff, clefs, time signatures
* Intervals and chords: building blocks of harmony
* Scales and keys: understanding the structure of music
* Rhythm and meter: understanding the pulse and flow of music
* Melody and harmony: creating and analyzing musical lines
* Ear training: developing your musical ear through exercises and drills
* Music composition and songwriting: using music theory for creative expression
* Interactive tools: Music notation software, ear training games
* Related topics: Music production, audio engineering, performance

Audio Equipment

* Types of microphones: dynamic, condenser, ribbon, contact
* Choosing the right microphone for different applications
* Headphones: understanding types, technologies, and sound characteristics
* Speakers: choosing speakers for different purposes (studio monitoring, live sound, home audio)
* Audio interfaces: connecting your audio gear to your computer
* Digital audio workstations (DAWs): software for recording, editing, and mixing audio
* Audio effects processors: using EQ, compression, reverb, and other effects
* Audio cables and connectors: choosing the right cables for your setup
* Audio equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
* Reviews and comparisons of popular audio equipment
* Building your own audio gear: DIY projects and resources
* Related topics: Audio engineering, music production, sound design